5 Ways to Become MacGyver with your Cricut

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We all love our Cricut machines and know that we can cut paper, vinyl, craft foam and a bunch of other things. But we typically stick to things just for crafts. Well here are ways to use it for more than just paper & vinyl crafts.

  1. Cut gasket material – That’s right if you can get the exact layout and measurements of a gasket, you can cut a new one. This is great for very old vehicles or yard equipment that you can not buy gaskets for anymore. Your Hubby or other men in your life will have a new love for your Cricut. You can pick up gasket material at Advance Auto and cut it typically using the poster board setting on your Cricut.
  2. Cut leather – If you get ahold of semi-thin leather you can cut this with your Cricut. I have made my son a yo-yo holder cutting the leather with my Cricut. I have also cut a leather headband. You will need the Strong grip mat and a deep cut blade, but it’s totally possible.
  3. Reusable Stencils – You can buy stencil material, thin plastic cutting mats or plastic folders and cut these and make use of them for a stencil so you can paint a new design on your walls. All without using tons of vinyl.
  4. Circuits for boards – Yep that’s right, in my research to find different ways to use your Cricut I found you can cut adhesive copper to accomplish this. I will link to the instructable for more info. They are using a bigger cutting machine, but you know, change it up for you Cricut.
  5. Cut fabric – Once you put Heat n Bond UltraHold on the back side of your fabric you can cut most shapes out and use them as appliques.

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