Let’s Talk Heat Transfer Vinyl

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A little while back Stahls sent me some samples of their products to try out and talk to you about them. After dealing with redoing my desk area, a couple of hurricanes and a plumbing leak under my desk area I have FINALLY had a chance to sit down and play with these beautiful samples and come up with some things.

I had this pile of beautiful samples and was drawing a blank as to what to do with them LOL. A good craft friend gave me some ideas and I went from there.

So here we go. The products used in the above designs are as follows.


“Fueled by” is their Fashion Film Electric
“Coffee &” is their Thermo-FILM
“Fairy Dust” is their Glitter Flake
The Fairy was done with their Foil and Adhesive

LET IT SNOW Linen was done with their Flock HTV


Each product was very easy to weed. The Flock HTV was so very easy as the cuts were insanely easy to see. There was no questioning where the cuts were. The cuts left clear impressions in the material.

Fashion Film and the Thermo-Film were as easy as any other brand you have dealt with. Just peel and get started pressing. The Glitter Flake I can not really tell you how easy it was to weed as it was super easy for me since I told my Cricut to put WAY to much pressure and cut the carrier fully. So yeah I had to improvise and use the carrier from COFFEE to place the letters for Fairy Dust down nicely, but it all worked out. LOL.

The Foil & Adhesive gets super interesting. You start out by cutting transparent adhesive. It’s not too hard to weed, but since its see through it makes it a bit interesting. You for sure have to get it off your mat and shine some light through it. Once you get it weeded, press the adhesive to your shirt just like you would anything else. But next, you place the thin foil sheet over it. (I protected the surrounding HTV as I have seen with other foil products it can adhere to that as well.) You then press it again with the foil over it. Then let it FULLY COOL. That is important or you get a distressed look. Once cool peel it and you will now have a lovely foiled design.

I still have their HologramPremium Plus, Glaze, Glow in the Dark, & Pattern Films to play with.

Now that I am all done with my Fairy shirt I now thought about that I should have used the Glaze as a decorative background to the whole design. The Glaze Film is very cool. If you click on the link and go watch the video about it. It literally changes how it looks all depending on what color fabric it is on.

If you want to order any of the products mentioned, you can order directly through the Stahls website. They also have videos on basically all products so you can get a feel for how to work with each product before you order them.

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