Cricut is Bait & Switching us Crafters – Update.. It has been reversed

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Cricut has reversed their decision. You can read more about it here. We as a community was heard loud and clear.

On March 12, 2021, Cricut posted about some awesome changes coming to Design Space. They then slipped in this tidbit that us crafters that upload a lot and don’t make use of their designs are still going to start to be forced to pay the subscription fee anyways if we wish to upload more than 20 files in a month.

When I bought my 2 machines and invested in so many products for it, I did this with the assumption that Design Space would always be free to use unless I wanted to use the Cricut files. Well, my dream of owning a cutting machine ALWAYS centered around being able to cut my own designs. Design Space albeit has grown a lot over the past few years and from the sounds on the post they did is growing more, STILL doesn’t compare to using Adobe Illustrator or any other vector designing software. PLUS if you design in Design Space your design is stuck there.

There is a quickly moving Petition you can choose to sign, hopefully, this makes a difference. Also, there is a recommendation to call Cricut:
USA – 877 727 4288
Canada – 877 727 4288
Brazil – 0800 591 0962
Chile (Spanish) – 0800 914 251
Mexico (Spanish) – 800 266 0135

Be nice to the person answering the phone, none of this is their fault, but just let them know your thoughts and concerns on this, you can say something like, “I am calling to voice my concerns over the new changes made with Design Space” and calmly and nicely tell them you want your voice to be heard.

Some people in the groups have called and even had the call center people say they were blindsided by this news and not happy either.

It is believed that Cricut is looking to go to IPO with their stock, so uping their subscriber count would certainly help revenue numbers and make their stock look appealing.

I am sure most of us do not want yet another subscription being forced on us. I’m sorry when I spent $400 on a machine (yep I paid that for Maker cause I bought it release week LOL) I DO NOT expect to be forced into a monthly subscription on top of that. I own 2 Cricuts, I mainly use my Maker, I’ve LITERALLY purchased every blade accessory for the Maker. I buy new mats all the time cause I just don’t have the patience to clean them. They get PLENTY of money out of me.

To this extent, though I have also spent so much time and effort in learning Design Space and the Cricut machines, I am not going to throw my hands in the air and walk away and find a new machine. Cricut machine’s accuracy has a lot to be said compared to other machines. Also the simplicity of Design Space so anyone can use it is very nice. From my understanding Silhouette software is much more robust and also confusing to most.

I WILL NOT be forced into paying a subscription. I will continue to use my Machine as is. If Cricut sticks with this horrible plan well then so be it, I will be limited to 20 designs a month. There sadly are many other small businesses that can not afford to be limited nor can they afford to absorb yet ANOTHER subscription.

Please consider signing a Petition or calling Cricut and make your voice heard. If not for yourself, for other crafters!!




  1. It’s a shame they are trying to do that to us. We bought their machines, their cartridges, their images, blades, mats, and other accessories …what more do they want from us???? At some point it’s just out and out greed!

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