ENDED- Only 40 now – Get 140 free listings on Etsy

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Have you considered starting an Etsy shop and just haven’t made the move yet? Right now is the perfect time!! And you might be able to get 140 free listings instead of the usual 40 free listings.

** First, you have to use my referral link to get 40 free listings when you sign up to be a seller. https://etsy.me/3R2GHVw
We will both get 40 free listings, so thank you <3

The promo mentioned apparently was only for select few, due to, too many people using it they have removed the 100 free for everyone. You will still get 40 though if you use my link above and start a shop.

** Next there is a promo going on right now when you visit https://etsy.com/promotions and use promo code 100newforetsy you’ll get 100 free listings (NOTE: This is good for EVERYONE not just new members so get those free listings!!) THIS MIGHT END SOON S


Get selling!! <3

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