Tech Tip – Wrong Image previews sharing to Facebook?

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Do you sometimes find, when you share a link on Facebook, that the wrong image shows up as the preview? I know it frustrates me, cause typically the image misrepresents what you are sharing even.
I have a quick tip that will help you fix it, in most instances. Visit or just google “Facebook Sharing Debugger”.

Once there, paste in the link you are trying to share and click debug, it will load with some code and such, but the main thing to look for is the image it is pulling. It will be the inaccurate image you are seeing when you post.

Next click the “Scrape Again” button next to the top line that mentions “Time Scraped”, this will usually be a date well in the past. Once you click that button, it should pull the new information that you intend on people seeing.

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