Creating Layered SVG Graphics in Illustrator for Cricut Design Space

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I give you step by step directions on how to take a basic cartoon graphic and turn it into a layer svg file, that will become suitable for importing into Cricut Design Space and where it will cut at its optimum ability without any extra parts you do not need.

These directions are done using Illustrator CS6, I do believe the steps should be similar if you are subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud. I can not cover how to use Inkscape as I have tried to use it in the past and it did not run well for me.

I do so hope this video is of some help for you. As also please remember to Subscribe so you will know when I do more videos like this.


  1. can I use my graphics program like Paint Shop Pro to do this at all?? where do you get your program Illustrator CS6 ? Thank you!

    1. I’ve had it purchased for sometime now. You can subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud now though if you do not have access to an older version of the Adobe suite.

      I am not sure if you could do it in Paint Shop Pro, however there is a free program called Inkscape that allows you to do basically the same things. I have not had a chance to learn it though and you have to be careful with extra layers and paths with it so Design Space doesn’t freak out when you upload your image.

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