Printable CMYK Color Chart

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I discovered this color chart online, but it was all in one file which made it super hard to read the numbers if you printed it out, so I made it, so you could print it out and bind it, where each set of like colors was on a single page.

This is perfect when you are wanting a specific color from your printer and are having a tough time figuring it out on your screen, opposed to your printer’s output.
How you use it, since it is CMYK, the number under each color tells you the percentages of each of Cyan, Magenta & Yellow. K or Black will always be 0 in all of these.

They all use this formula for CMY – A = 8%; 1 = 13%; 2 = 20%; 3 = 30%; 4 = 40%; 5 = 50%; 6 = 60%; 7 = 70%; X = 100%.

So example on page 1, box 204 the color formula under the box says 130. That means this color is  13% Cyan, 30% Magenta, 0% Yellow and 0% Black(K), in your design software you should have an option to enter these values to get that exact color.

In Illustrator and Photoshop it looks like this.

I hope this helps you narrow down your colors you see on screen opposed to what your printer outputs, so the next time you think, gee thats not the color I was after. Find it on your chart and replace it and be happier with your results.

I do not claim that I made this chart whatsoever. I just happened to find it in a google search and found it super helpful and remade it into something we can all use.

There is a spot on the front page where I put, so you can write what printer you printed it with since all printers will most likely have slightly different results.

Just click the Pink button below and it will download straight to your computer. 

Download Printable CMYK Color Chart


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